Stainless steel for sausage stuffer, , sausage filler, stuffer

Stainless steel for sausage stuffer, , sausage filler, stuffer

Model No.︰30

Brand Name︰GCS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Model: 3L

Net Weight: 12kg

Gross weight: 13kg

Dimensions:26*30*65 cm

Package Size: 31*35*70cm

Mold Specification: with 25mm , 20mm , 15mm, 10mm total 4 size

Materials: S304

This machine is the only irrigation system does not pan sausage powder, Sausage machine than the other sausage filling was nice. To achieve better product. Improve product quality, machine minimal power consumption, lowest noise, easy to use. Irrigation system is the quality and cheap sausages, sausage, sausage of the new sausage machine.

Introduced the practice of some sausage
Beijing sausage
Material: 100 kg of pork
Seasoning: salt 3 kg 100 grams of white Kou nitrate 2.5 kg 120 g Amomum soy sauce, pepper powder 3 kg 120 g fresh ginger 700 g sugar, 2.5 kg
Production Method
1. choose fresh meat pig hip and thigh meat, meat should be strong, the color is, more than 85 percent meat, cut into 1 cm-sized box.
2. meat material, add salt, nitrate is about 7 times rubbing the meat into a glue-like when placed in the jar marinated for 10 hours.
3. with the white crown, Amomum, pepper powder, soy sauce, sugar, fresh ginger for the sauce, mix the marinated meat evenly, and rub the sticky paste, ready to enema.
4. casings repeated rinsing with warm water and then poured into the marinated the meat, good meat filling after intestinal rule out intestinal bamboo needle air, and then use one per 20 cm Shengzha into small pieces.
5. hanging in the air hung in a dry place, it normally takes 25 days, when the intestines have flavor, meat color and old red, the production is completed.

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